Travel requirements to Mauritius

Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa welcomes vaccinated travelers in line with the health & safety protocol and regulations provided by the government of Mauritius.

As of 12th March 2022, guests do not need to present a negative PCR test before flying to Mauritius, however, COVID-19 Rapid-Antigen tests will be required for every person on arrival day/day zero (0) of the stay in the resort executed by the hotel’s health safety team or by guests themselves.

Resort test kit - Cost payable per test by all travelers (adult, child, infant) applicable at Rs 350 per person incl. 15% VAT.

Guest own test kit – Free of charge. Test kits must match the required standards, must be in original packaging, and fully sealed prior to use by the Resort's health safety team. Disputed packaging will not be used and the Resort test kit will be used at the prevailing cost.

A principal saliva test will be provided for infants and babies only.

Prior to departure from Mauritius and depending upon the country of entry requirement, a final PCR test may be needed which is conducted at the Resort by a certified Private Laboratory payable by the guest (indicative cost approx. Rs 2,500-3,500 incl. VAT per person depending on the type of test). Upon pre-booking of a minimum of 72hrs and upon request and availability, we are able to provide the PCR test at the resort itself at an extra cost, depending on suppliers' availability.

Travel insurance covering COVID 19 is no longer mandatory but recommended (Mauritian citizens are exempt)

Listed rates are indicative only and subject to change as supplied and provided by 3rd party suppliers or institutions.

Please visit for actual rules and regulations provided by the government of Mauritius. The above summary is indicative only and subject to change. The resort is not responsible or liable for the indicative display or any involved circumstances caused by the wrong application.


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