Weight Loss Programme

Sleep and shed pounds with our synchronized intermittent fasting

EUR 4,750 per person

Transform the way you look and feel through an innovative fast & wellness feast active program. Unlock the secrets to optimal health and sound well-being through daily wellness consultations, heathly food plans and fitness regimens tailored to your individual requirements.
Built around a 16-8 intermittent fasting lifestyle comfortably in your sleeping phase, planned by our Executive Wellness Chef Rakesh; it is perfectly balanced to propel your body in fat-burning mode for
a safe and healthy weight loss, framed by a world-class wellness cuisine, and you will love it.
Our fast & feast healthy program comes up with a hassle-free, a kind of money-back guarantee. It simply preaches what it promises – in a two-week phase is designed to jump-start your weight loss, so you may lose up to 10 to 12 pounds (4.5 to 5.5 kilograms) per week in a safe, healthy and reliable way. All accompanied daily with our professional Spa Doctor, Chef and Fitness-Trainer to guide and accompany you throughout your journey in devising THE perfect bodyweight burning formula.

Achieved through the following modules:

  • Pre-stay consultation to design tailored health, diet and sport program
  • 3 daily wellness meals in the wellness full-board meal plan, customized by Spa Doctor & Wellness Chef
  • Room equipped dedicated to fasting frame (unlimited tea, water, infusion, empty minibar, scale etc.)
  • Personal fitness consultation 2 times daily with screening and monitoring of BMI, sleeping patterns, calorie meter and blood pressure
  • Pulse, sleep time and calorie meter will be provided for use within the hotel for 24hrs measurement and daily analysis and recording of parameters
  • Daily tailored program of sport/wellness activities with your own private coach for yoga, pranayama, meditation, fitness, walking/running, and swimming
  • 24/7 availability of Spa Doctor
  • Twice daily private meeting with your Spa Doctor including daily measurements with of all body-values (pulse, calls, sleeping)
  • Daily nutrition adjustments for your wellbeing with your Wellness Chef
  • Daily use of Hydrotherapeutic facilities: Steam, sauna ritual, lap pool, and jacuzzi
  • Detailed debriefing/counseling sessions and lifestyle consultation


14 nights

  • 28 x Spa doctor consultations (twice daily)
  • 14 x Wellness chef consultations
  • 14 x Personal fitness consultations
  • 11 x Ayurveda therapy sessions
  • 11 x Massage therapy & treatment sessions
  • 7 x Personal Yoga sessions
  • 5 x Personal Pranayama breathing sessions
  • 5 x Personal meditation sessions
  • 6 x Cleansing therapies
  • 28 x personal sport & fitness sessions (twice daily)

Terms and Conditions

  • Listed prices are in EUR incl. 15% VAT for the involved Spa-package including wellness full-board and excluding accommodation.
  • Offer is valid upon request and availability only within limited allotment up to 20th December 2022.
  • (*) Further terms and Conditions apply, guarantee services excluding accommodation.

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