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Shanti Maurice's Spa focuses on awakening all of your senses. We don't just soothe the body, we also reinvigorate the mind and the soul.

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Shanti Spa, our 75,000 sq. feet haven of pure relaxation, takes guests on a journey of self discovery. Our therapies and treatments cleanse the body, reinvigorate the mind, and soothe the soul. We offer re-energising workouts, invigorating massages and wellbeing sessions so that you can stay healthy even after leaving.

Meet Our Spa Doctor

Meet Dr. Pragya Mishra, our spa doctor and certified Ayurveda consultant. Book a consultation with Dr. Mishra to discuss how you can benefit from her knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga over one-on-one sessions. Develop a programme informed by Ayurveda for your particular doshic thumbprint to maintain balance in your energy.

Spa facilities

Shanti Spa is pure paradise. We have yoga rooms with specially designed flooring for exercising, meditation rooms, Pilates studios, a Jacuzzi, lap pool, Watsu pool, an AquaFit swimming pool and a hair salon as well. Each area of the spa has been designed with your relaxation and wellbeing in mind.

Access to non-resident upon booking confirmation only.


Our extensive treatments menu is sure to satisfy even the most tense guests. Our range of unique therapies includes Ayurvedic and yoga inspired workouts, state of the art hydrotherapy, body polishing, massages and Watsu treatments, each designed to remedy different ailments and issues. Our spa also specialises in inner body treatments, including holistic therapies, sensory revitalisation therapy, spiritual awakening, and positive dietary modifications. Leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Access to non-resident upon booking confirmation.


An alternative Chinese healing therapy, Acupuncture is designed to balance the yin and yang within you, to release chi blockages whilst promoting the energy flow which you all too require.

Indulge in our special Acupuncture sessions dispensed by our holistic Shanti Spa. Our Naturopath doctor will work on those pressure points targeted to reduce stress and banish fatigue.

Access to non-resident upon booking confirmation.


Osteopathy is manual medicine and the application of the science of healing that uses the natural resources of the body as curative agents or means. The measures used in Osteopathy, and the purposes that are kept in view in the method of treatment are all based on the application of the fundamental principle of ADJUSTMENT.

Access to non-resident upon booking confirmation.

Hot Yoga

Unleash a new “You” with our hot yoga sessions on offer at our holistic Shanti Spa. Combining a blend of poses performed in an artificially heated environment; restore and nurture your body, mind and spirit beyond compare.

Access to non-resident upon booking confirmation.

Spa packages

We offer a number of packages dedicated to achieving relaxation of the mind, body, and spirit. Combining a range of treatments and facilities, and tailoring our packages to individual needs, you can choose from our range of spa offer and packages and treat yourself or a loved one.

Access to non-resident upon booking confirmation.

Wellness classes & activities

From yoga through to AquaFit, we offer a range of wellness classes and activities for you to experience during your stay with us. And with a focus on balancing the mind, body, and soul, you will leave our sessions feeling refreshed and energised. Take a look through our list of classes and activities and start planning your visit to Shanti Spa.

Access to non-resident upon booking confirmation.

Wellbeing cuisine

Featuring healthier, lighter preparations created from natural ingredients, Shanti Spa cuisine reflects traditional styles of cooking in a contemporary manner. Through balancing delicious flavours with rejuvenating nourishment, our cooking technique makes use of water, milk, broths, citrus juices, wine, oils, cereals, grains, lentils and natural sweeteners, blending ancient Ayurvedic concepts and yogic arts together with modern day spa-orientated nutrition.

Access to non-resident upon booking confirmation.

Hair & Beauty Salon

Immerse yourself in a cocoon of utter bliss and relaxation. Whether you’re in for a quick trim, colour change or style overhaul, our purpose-built Hair & Beauty salon has something for every discerning guest.

Our dedicated and courteous stylists can help you feel and look your best for any occasion including parties, weddings, photoshoots to name a few.

Private Wellness Chef

Get exclusive access to our Executive Chef, Rakesh Munoruth, to design a wellness meal plan for the length of your stay us.

Ayurveda Garden

Hit refresh as you let your body, mind and spirit be at one with Mother Nature at our Ayurveda Garden. By courtesy of our Shanti Spa team, it is replete with a wide variety of plants effective for preventing and combating illnesses and conditions including hair loss, stress, obesity, coronary heart diseases, cancer… you name it!

Get ready to uncover an uplifting Eden full of both popular enchanting and lesser-known plants, with a general overview of their botanical names, extraordinary properties and so forth, highlighted below.

Private Wellness Chef

We have brought the knowledge of our Yoga experts to your room at Shanti Maurice or in your home. You will find something for everyone, from beginners to experts, on our Youtube channel.

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Shanti Spa is renowned for its healing programmes and we offer a selection of activities and treatments to choose from that will promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Book your session with our team today.

Access to non-resident upon booking confirmation.