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Stress Management

Stress Management Book this package Indulge yourself with spa therapies and activities designed to help you destress and unwind.  Our handpicked destress holidays give you the chance to recharge your batteries by offering activities including … Read more

Weight Management

Weight Management Book this package Shanti Spa offers a life-changing destination weight loss program intended for guests determined to live happier and healthier lives. The program is a safe and effective way in which to lose those extra … Read more

Detox Package

Detox Package Book this package Detox program is the Shanti Spa’s solution to detox. All the therapies in this package are cleverly combined to rid the body of impurities that accumulate over a period of time using centuries old remedies and … Read more

Shanti Ayurveda Preserve

Shanti Ayurveda Preserve Book this package "Shanti Preserve" is an Ayurvedic journey where treatments are recommended based on the principle that a balanced state of being is essential for healthy living. The combination of yoga, meditation and … Read more

Swasthyam – Ayurvedic Package

Swasthyam - Ayurvedic Package Reservation Request This package is ideal for guests who want to experience traditional Ayurvedic dinacharya. An intricate system of ancient science that originated in India thousands of years ago, Ayurveda is made … Read more

Shanti Bliss

Shanti Bliss Book this package Shanti Bliss is a wellness package designed for individuals who seek to be deservingly pampered. The strong therapeutic elements aim to revitalize, rejuvenate and restore the body by combining treatments that … Read more

Renewed You

Renewed You Book this package "Renewed You" unites physical workout and body treatments with guided spiritual focus to target problems associated with weight management. This package draws on long-established international disciplines, and uses … Read more

Body Beautiful

Body Beautiful Book this package Body Beautiful is the Shanti Spa’s solution to detox. All the therapies in this package are cleverly combined to rid the body of impurities using centuries-old techniques. Wellness and lifestyle consultations … Read more

Shanti Sleep

Shanti Sleep Book this package Rejuvenate a tired body and mind by reducing stress levels, improving the quality of sleep and increasing overall well-being. Enhance your attention span, improve creativity and learning capacity. Develop emotional … Read more

Suyogam – Yoga Package

Suyogam - Yoga Package Reservation Request Know your inner self through a unique Suyogam program. Immerse in a daily practice of hatha yoga to maintain balance between body and mind. Relieve modern day concerns, be-it stress, mild depression or … Read more